Who They Really Are!

I am one of those “seize the day” kinda people, who seeks to live each and every moment to the fullest. My Daddy showed me, with his life,  how to swell and fill with all the breath, love and glory a moment could hold until your soul could contain no more, without bursting.
But this morning I got a new angle/revelation on love and relationships, that spans time. I was calling my 23 year old son-man Samuel, and as the phone was ringing, my soul traversed his lifetime. I was thinking of him for not only the amazing man he is today, in this moment and hour, but remembering the angel he was at 3 years old. The budding responsible man he was becoming as a preteen boyscout. When he first began playing football and the drive and determination he has always had, that just keeps growing.
And then under all that tough, incredibly strong man that he is – cherishing the heart and soul that has always been right under his skin.
I then jolted with this entire revelation. (all before his voice mail came on.)
I do that with all my children. They are never to me, only who they are at this moment in time. I am always cognizant of their entire package – from whence they came and all the ways they have developed and grown. With a world of potential out there in front.

Then I realized the Father does the same towards us!!  He is NEVER hung up on who we are at this moment, but so embraces our total package. He is always aware of every drop of where we come from, even the details we are unaware of. Things that effect us like generational ties or bondages or heritage. AND He knows where we are going. He has so much more tolerance, if you will, for us than we ever could.
He gets us! He knows us. He accepts and embraces us.
I just began crying, overwhelmed with the understanding in a new way, of Father’s love for me, for us.
So, if someone you love is “stuck” in a hard spot, remember the sweet little boy or girl they used to be. Recall a time that what you saw and knew was soo positive. That is WHO they really are. That soul still resides in them. That is who you are to respond to…to help them find their way home.
So often, life really messes with our very souls. But under whatever hurts and hard times we must go through, our basic soul remains.

May we learn to cherish and cultivate the good in one another’s souls, and make that our focus, above any aberration we may see today.