A Suggested Meditation ~

Over the years, I have come to progressively realize how much less I need to tell the Lord all that I think and feel and how much more I simply need to absorb HIM! I have shared with you some of this journey, especially in my post “Be still and Know that I am God”.
I am currently reading this wonderful book by Henri Nouwen, called “Spiritual Direction – Wisdom for the Long Walk of Faith” that is tremendous. It is about our very real journeys in building real relationships with the Lord.
Nouwen outlines this one “meditation”, that is so complete, and covers everything. I believe it could sustain a beautiful growing relationship with the Lord for a very long time.
He recommends “For the first ten minutes or so, you repeat the following words slowly and fervently “JESUS, YOU ARE THE BELOVED.” Allow you heart and mind to fill with Praise, as you let this Truth permeate your being.
For the next 10 minutes or so, you repeat and ponder, “JESUS, I AM THE BELOVED.” IF you would let that sink in to every cell and fiber of your being, that conviction alone could change your life.
And the final affirmation to meditate on, and it is a biggee :), is “JESUS, WE ARE ALL THE BELOVED.” Let that settle into your heart and enable you to have compassion and forgiveness for the people and situations that have undone you.

I have realized that anytime you have angst in your heart, you may probably relieve it by focusing your heart and attention on one of these affirmations.
May they soften and free your soul as you access the very heart of God, through these 3 most important Truths.

Jesus is the Beloved!
You are the Beloved!
And we are all the Beloved!!

That is enough to change your day, and your life, if you really allow it. SELAH


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