SUPERPOWERS – What would yours be?

Yesterday as we were swimming in the pool, my son Christian asked me “if you could have any 2 superpowers in the world, what would they be?” My kids proceeded to have an animated conversation of the things they would love to do, involving flying, fire and water. I only had one wish come to me…..
I wish that I could touch a person’s heart, with my hand, and heal them of all their hurts and every bit of brokenness they have ever known.
And then…to open up their heart, as a direct channel, to receive the love of God.  In such a flow that never stops and makes them thrive and live in God’s love, IN TOTAL WHOLENESS, for the rest of their lives.
That is the power I long to be supernaturally empowered with.

In Christ, we are given some of that ability.

May my days be consumed with growing in that “healing” gift – more and more.

I desire to be a Healer of hearts, and a direct channel of the intense, passionate, healing love (I have known) of my Lord and my God.

What would you want for a superpower??
It is most likely that your desires will reveal the gifting God has placed within you.

We are all somewhat supernaturally endowed. May we embrace those inclinations and live with intention.
So that we may bless our world. And live lives most ultimately fulfilled.