God’s Perfection is Sufficient, Though We Are Not!

This morning I “wrestled with God” in the wee hours of the morning.  I began by asking Him “What do I need to know and understand to make our life more the way I want it to be?” (mainly financially)

And then I began to see all the ways that I can not even be all that I want and need to be for my immediate family, let alone, the friends that live in Tulsa, or the people in the rest of the world.

Do any of you ever get plagued with self-doubts and questioning in the middle of the night?

As I began questioning God, He very subtly began questioning me. (Job style)  It was humbling, to say the least.  All I could think about was how far I fall short, in so many areas, from all I want to be, need to be, or should be.

As the morning proceeded, I became more and more aware of how much nobody “hits the mark” exactly on the head, at any given time.

No matter how perfect any human being is, he or she doesn’t even come close to really getting it all right – all the time.

There are inevitably, as sure as we are human, areas of weakness.  Often, we know of things in ourselves that we wish were different, but often times we do not even recognize all of our own weaknesses.

We all have “blind spots”, and most of us, have more than one. 🙂

These “blind spots” are like the ones we have on our car or van, and we only become aware of them in a crisis, when an impending crash or collision is at hand.  But the majority of the time we are simply driving wherever we are going, in a normal way, and we become unaware of these weaknesses in our vision from our angle in the drivers seat.  This is also how it is in our lives.

It is like everyone is given a different “angle” on God and life and it becomes their strength, even their “ministry”.  I see all of that as reflecting the many dimensions of our Father God.

I stand fascinated and in awe at how multi-dimensional our Father is, and how He reveals that through the variations in all of His children.

We have had the chance to glimpse into this concept with 10 children.  Each one is very different, strengths and weaknesses, yet we are crazy about each one of them, and delight in their uniqueness and individuality.

Father God is not threatened or challenged by our individualities, uniqueness’s, peculiarities, weaknesses, or strengths.  He made us that way, because He loves us that way.

Inevitably, these differences will leave inherent areas of weakness and facets in each of us that are not so strong and shining in ours or others eyes.

We are a weak and compromised people.  Everyone of us – in need of a Savior.  ONE who can be our perfection, since we ourselves know that we will never be perfect, examined and judged by our own internal striking of our judgment gavel.

May we live our lives striving to be like Jesus.  Giving our life for others, while always “owning” that we fall way short of perfection in ourselves, and so does EVERYBODY ELSE.  And it really is okay.

Jesus Himself is even fully willing to make up for our weaknesses, lacks, imperfections, and differences when we lean into Him in the full knowledge of our own self evaluations.  He delights in being invited in – just to make up for our lack. He loves “perfecting His strength in and through our weaknesses”!  Amazing, eh?

But it is in the evaluations of others that we get hung up.  In our judgments of other’s weaknesses, we try to elevate our own standing with God, which distorts our understanding of His love for us in our own mind, which prevents us from seeing His love for us and the other people around us that we encounter on a daily basis.

If we would truly CHOOSE to accept His Love for us, then walk in His Love, and be His Love in every single situation, then that is the way we will feel the closest to Father God!

By walking and relating in the Father’s Love, we are then able to bring a reality of the Father’s Love to others who are struggling in their own self awareness of imperfection, which makes us feel literally more in tune and in touch with God Himself.

This is the greatest way to feel the very best about ourselves and others.

The biggest way I know that Father God is real is the love He puts in my heart, that I know is only from Him, far beyond my natural capability.  I know when Toni runs out, so I call out to the Father to access Him and His love.

That is the biggest way that I feel and know His reality, the difference He makes when I simply ask Him for His love.

When we choose love and extend mercy to any other human being, or even ourselves, we are empowered and feel the joy and pleasure of Father God.

But to get hung up on all that is not perfect, in ourselves or anyone else, is not only personally tormenting, but in that state we completely ignore or forget the Cross of Jesus and all that He gained for us when He died and was resurrected from the dead to complete His redemption of us.


It is through this redemptive relationship created in Jesus’s action, the Perfect Truth, that we stand perfected by His Grace in the presence of Father God.

Simply being in relationship with the Father was the whole intent of the creation of the human race in the first place.  That is about resting in “being” not “doing” to become acceptable in a relationship with the Father.

Could we possibly focus a little more on what Jesus has already completed?  (Jesus claimed Himself it was a FINISHED work).

Let’s seek to walk in the reality and fullness of His love.  Rather than focusing on ourselves, and all the imperfections we are still so blatantly aware of in ourselves and others, we are called to Trust in the redemption given to us All, through the finished work of Jesus.

That finished work compels us to Trust the Father in our own relationship with Him, but more than that we are compelled to Trust in the Love and acceptance the Father has already given every human we know or will never know.

Remember – LOVE COVERS ALL – even a multitude of sin.

My greatest personal challenge is to choose love in every situation, every encounter, every moment of my day and therein is my greatest comfort, security and empowerment.

Now…go and “give” somebody His Love, the Love you were so freely given!  And “cover”  someone today, and tomorrow :), that you know needs His love.