My heart breaks tonight – and I weep – for my brothers and sisters all around me – who are so locked up in their own little boxes.

Convinced their way is right – on a big scale – as in their belief system – down to all the little things they do. They are right, and even their spouse and closest loved ones are wrong and don’t see things right (their way).

God creates us to be free – free to love – Him, one another and ourselves. Free to fly – in our souls – not to be locked down. Judgements of any sort – lock us down – and the people that we judge.

Every time we choose love we are set free – to soar and live – as free as a bird. Our souls will soar to heights and dive depths never before known to us. Love EMPOWERS flight and freedom!

Judgement imprisons – every time. Locking our own souls up, even worse than those we judge.

To judge another is to be vexed and embrace anxst in one’s own soul – that God never intended man to live with. It is not our responsibility to fix each other or figure out another’s life or destiny or what they should be doing differently.

Does anyone really believe he has it ALL figured out yet in his own life.

Pity to that person…..

Life and God are both so deliciously beyond our ability to grasp and box in – that one of our greatest delights – in this human journey – is the privilege of learning and growing – every day that you are given life!

To relinquish that gift… is to die.

Don’t lock yourself into a little box, thinking in small and petty ways. (hint that you are there – the thoughts you are having make you feel yucky.)

To think openly………and to love hugely…….is to be one with God – bigger than life.

One of my all time favorite poet-philosophers, Kahlil Gibran, said “Would that you seek the Father, as the brook seeks the sea.” As we seek our source and return to Him at every turn – there is no limitation or end to the richness of all He longs to give you. The love, the grace the forgiveness that is soo beyond us – you may only find in Him. But to “live in Him” is to grow every single day, in all ways, beyond our own human limitations.

Gibran also said, “The greatest teaching of Christ was the Kingdom of Heaven and THAT IS WITHIN YOU.” Live like it…..and you will love your life, AND…..all those around you who are so hard to love.

I challenge you to pray this pray with me – over this new year.

Father God, Please show us all the ways we lock You up, and each other, and ourselves in these tight little limiting boxes, that are not at all of You. Lead each of us in Truth that sets us free, that we may set others free – even as you came “THAT WE MIGHT BE FREE INDEED!” Teach us to love like you do Lord, that our lives would KNOW YOUR LOVE. May we say yes, yes and YES to all that you want to shake up and do in our lives, with us individually and through our lives.

We are not our own, we are Your children. LIVE FULLY LORD – IN AND THROUGH US!

We can’t do this on our own Lord. But we give You permission – as our God and invite you to truly have Your way in our lives.

So be it! in the Holy name of Jesus!!