How do I maintain!

My Identity, My Sanity, and My Peace as a Mother!

I lovingly dedicate this post to the 750 beautiful women attending the PureLife Women’s Conference at the King’s Park International Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  I was so privileged to share with you this weekend and so blessed by you!

Because our time was so brief, and so many important questions were asked of me in the interview and the individual times with some of you – I would like to elaborate a bit more on a few of the thoughts I shared.

Almost everyone I spoke with personally wanted to know the age span of my children.  My oldest son is 24 and my baby girl just turned 3 last week.  I have featured 3 of my kids, so far, in their own blog post, but you may find our family pictures through out the blog.  The birth order is son, daughter, 6 sons, and 2 daughters.

Over 10 years ago, I wrote an article answering the most commonly asked question I ever receive.  “How do you do it?!”  It is entitled “THRIVING Article” and can be found in the Table of Contents to the left.  I recommend reading it because it is filled with many valuable and practical ideas for living life.  But, I must admit, I had a lot more money back then.  So…now I want to share my two greatest principles that cost no money at all, and are the biggest keys to my ability to Thrive and to Love being a mother of 10.

I could never begin to do what I do without being directly connected to the Father, and able to access all that He is everyday.  There is a scripture that can seem burdensome to many that tells us to “pray without ceasing”.

When I was a little girl, in fact from first grade to the 12th grade, my best friend was Tamara Osteen.  You may know of her little brother – Joel Osteen.   Well, their father, John Osteen, was a world famous pastor and evangelist as I was growing up.  We didn’t go to their church, so I did not hear him preach too often in my lifetime, but I frequently hung out at their home.

Whenever he walked through the room in their house that I was in, he was praying.  He would always stop and greet me with love and then keep right on communing with his Lord.  I inherited the richest legacy from him directly by learning to commune with the Lord and always turn my heart and head toward the Father, when I was not directly communicating with another human being.  This is truly my life-flow and the very Power of my life.

The Word tells us “To be still and know that He is God”.  I take and make moments all day long to literally sit – even if for only 2 minutes – and turn my heart toward the Father and simply absorb Him. ( Now, I won’t go into detail here, but trust me when I say I am an extremely busy woman.  And if I can do this – so can you! ) 🙂

I don’t talk.  I just be still and know Him.  He floods in with peace, hope, joy or love or whatever I most need at any given time in a way that amazes me every time.  I’m telling you ladies, I could not do life without directly drawing from Him throughout every single day – for my very life. Father God is the amazing one!!!

And if anything is really bothering me, like I told you this weekend, I am very honest with Him about all of my thoughts and then I sit.  And I be still.  And I listen.  And I wait…for Him to meet me and give me what I need to go forth with peace and joy.

I could never “do my life” without this habit and I certainly could not thrive as He so gloriously enables me to do.  I have learned not to even attempt life on my own, without being connected to the true source of all Life, the Father.

My second huge key is the empowerment of choosing love.  Those with little ones especially, or even big ones in fact – you know how they can drive you plumb crazy?  Try looking at them as an adoring parent the next time you feel like going crazy, and think about how Father God views them and learn to delight in their crazy ways and laugh at them more.  We so choose to delight in our children rather than let them make us crazy.

We treat them with honor from day one as people who are most valuable and matter.  We seek to know what is going on in their hearts.  And the next time you ever just feel like screaming at them, try speaking kindly and patiently and then watch how it calms you, it literally empowers you and makes you feel stronger yourself.

Practice this in little ways and you will begin to see the differences I mean.  Whenever you choose love over judgment or anger, you literally rise to a higher level within yourself and feel the pleasure of the Father in your heart, and you see everyone else as the Father see them.

It is the most beautiful way to live and love your life.


1 Comment

  1. Kelli said,

    September 27, 2010 at 3:23 pm


    I’m so proud of you!!! I didn’t know you were away speaking at a conference, Daniel just said you were out of town.

    What a great message. In this extremely busy season of my life, I need the reminder to “Be still and know…” Thank you! 🙂

    Love you!


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