The Ultimate Parent!

I know a few people who have this chronic problem that I do of being bombarded at 4:00 a.m. with horrible and overwhelming negative thoughts, that try to attack us in our weakest state of deepest sleep.  The other night I was awakened out of pleasant nowhere to the scary side of reality, that I don’t focus on during my waking hours, when I have some control over my thoughts.

I began thinking of the 6 children I am presently home schooling and how much more I should probably be doing and requiring of each of them to make them “truly educated”.  After my thoughts swam for half an hour and I got a few concrete ideas to improve their education, my mind then raced on to all that we can not provide for them in the areas of lessons, clothes, vacations and even special classes, because of financial limitations.

Once again I realized how much bigger my life is than I am, or even my husband and I together could ever be.  Then the Lord sweetly reminded me how every single parent falls short of being the perfect parent and that we are covering the things that matter most – a huge relief!

Years ago He presented me with a thought that changed and freed my life.  The Lord asked me to ponder what a huge step it was for Him to entrust parenting to the entire human race.  Wow – Selah (stop and think about that!)  He showed me that no matter how perfect any parent on earth could ever be – there would be gaps – huge gaps – because no one could ever cover all that should ideally be put into parenting.

Whenever He is asked to make up for our differences, and He is invited into our children’s lives (by us), then He is prepared to make up for all of our lack as such imperfect parenting people.  What a tremendously freeing understanding.

In fact…I believe that He actually places children strategically into the homes that He does, with the specific sets of parents they get, for very strategic purposes?

About 15 years ago, our family had 4 children and one on the way.  We went to a family reunion in Pennsylvania and decided to take the kids to “do” the Smithsonian museum vacation.  At that time, they had just put in the new Holocaust museum.  I wanted to take my children to see it.

A number of people had warned us that we should not take such young kids there, because it was so real that it would actually form part of their very foundation and seem like a genuine part of their paradigm of experience.  I explained to these well meaning folks that my kids were above the norm, because I had explained so much already to them of suffering in the world and persecution and even the holocaust itself.

The morning we woke up and planned to go, I began bleeding with my pregnancy.  Needless to say, we laid low that day and decided it wasn’t the day to tour anything.  The next day, the same thing happened.  So by the third day of making this plan and waking up bleeding, I asked the Lord “Is there some reason you really don’t want us to go to this museum?”  He answered me so clearly and said “Even though you have talked to your children about so many things, I do not want this to be a part of their foundation in life, as it would be by simply going there.

I have strategically given your family a foundation based on My Goodness because that is what they will need to stand on in the times to come.”  Wow – I was blown away.  He then went onto show me this concept of how He puts people together, for the children they will create and that each specific family has different purposes in the Body of Christ and in the world.

There is a scripture He then showed me that I had never even heard of and never heard anyone speak of it since.  It is Malachi 2:15 – “And what is the Lord’s purpose for making them one?”  (Quick… … before you read on – what do you think His ultimate purpose would be for putting you with your spouse??)  “But to produce Godly offspring”.  It is for the children you and your spouse will give to the world – which no one else will.

I look at families closest to ours and can see so obviously purposes God may have for them being a family that are so different than who we are.  Isn’t that fascinating?  That is why you are never to compare yourselves with those closest to you.

Learn from others, glean all you can to improve your own lives – but recognize you are unique as individuals and families for God-given reasons!  If anything, we should all seek His heart as to what He made our family for primarily.

One time my oldest son said to me, years ago, “Mom who are you trying to keep up with in having all these kids?”  I said, “Josh, I am not trying to keep up with anyone, but the plan of God for our own lives – that is always enough.”

Oh…and by the way, I did lose that baby on that third day.  I want to give you a tip at this point about what I learned from that one.  After you have had 2-3 children, or you are close to 40 – your womb is simply not as strong as it was in your 20’s.

This does NOT mean that you cannot successfully carry babies at this point – contrary to what doctors may try to convince you.  It does mean that there are certain healthy precautions you should take.  Traveling in a car or a boat or cruise ship – something that constantly shakes your womb – should not be done in your first half of pregnancy at least.  My sister and I both lost a baby over that.



  1. jen said,

    August 7, 2009 at 10:41 am

    I loved this example of your lives, Thank you for sharing this. I have stumbled onto this site looking for something……..maybe peace, a way to have a life following god’s will for me and my family, and better parenting skills ( I sure have made alot of mistakes along the way). I am very thankful for God’s guidance in this process. So I will continue reading on but again Thank you I have taken what you have said and I find my heart feels alot better.

    • themothersheart said,

      August 7, 2009 at 10:48 am

      Jen, I am soo glad this brought you peace. Please do keep reading – I believe there is a lot here that will bring peace and refresh your soul. I am posting a new blog in the next day or so that adds to this very one, called “Be encouraged, it is never too late”. God Bless you richly!

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